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    Get variable value

    Bill Markham



      Does anybody know a good, non deprecated, way in an extension to get the value of a Qlik Sense variable into a Javascript variable  ?

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          Jesper Snihs

          Do you mean something like this?


          define( [
              function ( qlik, template ) {
                  var app = qlik.currApp(this);
                  return {
                      template: template,
                      support: {
                          snapshot: true,
                          export: true,
                          exportData: false
                      paint: function () {
                          var qix = this.backendApi.model.enigmaModel.session;
                          var numericValue;
                              variable.getLayout().then(function(variableLayout) {
                                  numericValue = variableLayout.qNum;
                          return qlik.Promise.resolve();
                      controller: ['$scope', function ( $scope ) {
              } );
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            Erik Wetterberg


            If your extension should be snapshottable, you should make sure the variable value is in the layout, something like this (haven't actually tested this code, so there might be syntax errors):

                    qStringExpression: '="vBill"'

            Or you could use qValueExpression.


            You could also use the api's, but then you would have problems with snapshots: it might not work at all, or if it does does you would get the value when the snapshot is shown, not when it was taken.


            Hope this helps


            Erik Wetterberg