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    QGA: load own QVD with polygons into data model

    Roel Knitel

      I'd like to load a QVD with id's and areas (Polygons) into my datamodel.


      I tried using this approach: https://qliktech.hosted.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-18588

      but without any luck.


      If I load the QVD into the datamodel locally. Using what settings for the Geo Analytics area layer can the areas be plotted into the area layer? I seem to only have the options: GeoJSON file, GML / WFS file, Geometry service.


      Our company recently acquired a Geo Analytics license. Using the Geometry service via https://ga.qlikcloud.com only gives me areas plotted for Postal code and Province. No other area types seem to be resolved in The Netherlands. It remains unclear which ones are available using the GA Geometry Service.