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    Security Rules - Deny Access to other users My Sheets

    Luiz De Paula

      Hello Experts,


      I am having trouble setting up a security rule. I have had this rule in place and it has been working so far, but all of a sudden it changed without any modifications to it.


      I have a security rule where users have access to duplicate Base Sheets and customize them under My Sheets. Several users have been doing that. However, no user can publish them, so no user can see each other customized sheets, unless we publish them to the Community Sheets.


      However, everyone started seeing each other's customized sheets, so users are going crazy having to go through hundreds of sheets to find their own.


      The way I set up the security rule for this app is below:

      Resource Filter: Stream_streamID, App_appID

      Actions: Read

      Condictions: ((user.roles="RoleName") or (resource.resourcetype="App.Object" and resource.published="true"))


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,