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    For every day a stacked bar of 100%

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I am looking for a stacked barchart where every bar is always 100%.

      I have added a example.


      My example has 4 Barcharts: In every chart I have two dimensions:


      Date (from my main Calendar)

      DescriptionRequested which is a table with intervals.


      The expressions in the charts are :

      Chart 01: = Sum(LineAmount) / Sum(Total <PostingDate> LineAmount)

      Chart 02: = (Sum(LineAmount) / Sum(Total <ProductionPoolGroup> LineAmount) )

      Chart 03: = 1 - (Sum(LineAmount) / Sum(Total LineAmount) )

      Chart 04: = Sum(LineAmount)/Sum(TOTAL LineAmount)


      I have set on the relative option so that I get max 100%.


      I found these expressions when I searched community.qlik.com. But I didn’t found what I was looking for.


      When I select one day my bar has 100%

      When I select more than one day the 100% is spread over the days, the sum is still 100%. What I want is that no matter how many days I select, every bar should be 100%.


      I think it has to do with Total LineAmount which is calculated for all the selected days and then divided per Interval over the selected days. I think that the Total LineAmount should also be calculated per day, that is why I hoped Sum(LineAmount) / Sum(Total <PostingDate> LineAmount) was the solution, but it was not.


      So now the question is: how do I do that, how should I change the expression to get the wanted bars with every day 100%?


      Hope someone has a suggestion or the solution for me


      Thanks in advance