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    Qlik QVD production deploy times question

    Keith Wilks

      Hi all,


      Our company is new to Qlik and we have a QVD production deploy process that is currently comprised of the following steps:


      1.  Zip all QVDs up on our development server to consolidate the QVD file sizes.

      2.  Move those zipped QVDs to our production server via an automated task.

      3.  Unzip the files on the production server.

      4.  Cut/paste the QVDs to the correct production source destinations.


      Depending on the size of the zipped files, this process can take anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours.  Today the total size of the zipped files was 11GB and the process took a bit over 4 hours.  I have spoken with our Qlik developers to see if it possible to zip the QVDs the day before a production deploy day, only to be told that is not possible due to the data backfill. 


      My question is are there more time-efficient methods to deploy QVDs from one server to another?  I know server performance, network issues, etc., can affect a deploy like this but any sort of help, advice, or insight on how to make this process more efficient would be very helpful.


      Thank you!