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    Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector

    Fabio Santana Reis

      I got my data from a Sharepoint List using the Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector. It works almost perfectly. I just have problem with some fields like user names in the source. Instead of the people´s name, it comes the corresponding ID Number. Can somebody help me?



      In my Qlik model, this columns don´t contains the names. It just have the respectives ID numbers.

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          Nestor MartiƱon

          I am trying to do similar things Could you help me giving me informattion about how Can i connect SharePoint 365 and Qlick sense? Basically I need to obtain information about who créate, modify, when.. the file. How many files i have in my list and others things but I couldn´t establish a connection with Qlik.  Please, I hope obtain your help.

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            Derek Emlet

            Hi Fabio,


            I have had some similar experiences working with Qlik REST API Connectors. Anything that was a "lookup" field, only returned GUIDS or Unique Identifiers. In order to return the Name, I had to pull in the actual table that the field was looking up.


            For example, if this is a field for Users ie. looking up the User table and you are only returning the ID.

            - First pull in the User table which will have the UserID and Names. Then in your query editor you can join both tables on the User ID, and you will have a Name for each ID. Same would apply for any other lookup type of field.


            Best regards,