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    NPrinting Section Access Using Excel Sheets Selective Report Generation

    Boyan Kukov

      I have been using Nprinting in order to create reports and export the reports to user destinations. Currently, the issue stems from using Section Access along with the process. When we create the reductions manually and then send out the reports one by one everything works in terms of report generation and delivery. When Section Access is applied, the reductions are not applied to users that do not have tokens, but also users that have tokens but have not logged into their qlik accounts. We only have a limited amount of tokens we can use but our email list will be rather large and it would be a lengthy process to cycle through multiple tokens due to quarantine step during reassignment.


      We initially realized the issue when our Qlik developers were receiving the Section Access emails but the test emails under the same domain we used, that had identical configurations, did not receive anything. We saw that the test emails we used did not have tokens and we proceeded to create tokens for them. One of the users who had a token assigned to them proceeded to log into the hub and she could see the reduction and her reports started to generate. The other two users that had tokens but had not logged in were still unable receive the reports. They would receive a blank email that mentioned failed report generation. One of the users that wasn't receiving reports then logged into the hub and after that they were able to receive reports. The user that hasn't logged into the hub is still unable to receive reports using Section Access.We later noticed that the user that wasn't receiving reports was set to USER instead of ADMIN. It seems that only ADMINS pass through the report generation without having previously logged in. The issue still stands though as tokens are not unlimited for larger projects.

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