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    ODAG - Qliksense Template Application Code

    Abirami Palanisamy

      Hi Everyone,


      I want to create a ODAG application that will restrict one period , one geography , multiple product values. and i am using direct discovery to pull the data.


      I am using below mentioned code. it is working fine with normal extraction code. but when i am using Direct discovery method this code is not working.

      Can anyone please help me.

      SUB ExtendWhere(Name, ValVarName)

        LET T = Name & '_COLNAME';

        LET ColName = $(T);

        LET Values = $(ValVarName);

        IF len(Values) > 0 THEN

        IF len(WHERE_PART) > 0 THEN

          LET WHERE_PART = '$(WHERE_PART) AND $(ColName) IN ( $(Values) )';


          LET WHERE_PART = ' WHERE $(ColName) IN ( $(Values) )';



      END SUB;


      SET Period = ;

      SET Period = $(odso_Period);

      SET Period_COLNAME='Period';


      SET Geography = ;

      SET Geography = $(odso_Geography);

      SET Geography_COLNAME='Geography';


      SET PROD = ;

      SET PROD = $(odso_PROD);



      SET WHERE_PART = '';


      FOR EACH fldname IN 'Period', 'Geography','PROD'

        LET vallist = $($(fldname));

        WHEN (IsNull(vallist)) LET vallist = '';

        IF len(vallist) > 0 THEN

          CALL ExtendWhere('$(fldname)','vallist');


      NEXT fldname


      TRACE Generated WHERE clause: ;





      Thank you in advance.