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    Qlikview default value selection in one sheet, for same field already checked value in other sheet

    Sristi Upreti

      Hi Team


      I have a requirement where I have a field as "Status" it has 2 values as "A" and "B". Have 2 sheets Main and Sheet1.

      I have status field in both the sheets.

      In Sheet1, I have to make default selection of Status field as "A". (This is done)

      If user was in Main sheet, and has selected Status value as"B", then goes to Sheet1 and comes back to Main Sheet. The selection is overridden by "A".

      I want the previous value ie. "B" selected by user.


      (I guess I have to use either alternate state or make a variable for achieving this. But not sure how)

      Please suggest.

      PFA the sample qvw for this.