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    app not sharing

    vikram dumala

      Hi ,

      my cloud business app size is 144 mb as  a admin i can see sheets with recent data , but as a user i cant see sheets with updated data may i know why.


      Thanks ,


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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Vikram,


          Sorry for the delay.


          What I believe you see here, is that you are most likely accessing your QSCB workspace area - where you (or someone created the app) and the app has been reloaded in this area - so the data is refreshed, however as a user - you have access only to the streams where the app has been published to - therefore the data is not refreshed in that stream until you either publish it again - or refresh the published data - or schedule a published data refresh. Try right clicking on the app in the workspace that has been published - you will see a published banner - then you can refresh the data that way as see in the screen shot. Let me know how you do.



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