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    Load balancing not working

    rohit kumar

      Hi Techies,


      I have configured a shared persistence where I have one Central node and Node1 which is a proxy node. I have added central node and Node1 in load balancing option under both Central and Node1 virtual proxy. Then I have disabled the ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes load balancing rule and created a new rule where I have assigned one Application say Test1 to Node and selected the LoadBalancing option.


      My use case is, When I open my application on Central node it has to consume the resources of Node1 but when I open my application on central node it consumes resources of central node , similarly when I open same application on Node1 it consumes resources of Node1.


      Can you please help me to configure, My particular application will consumes resources of that node  as per I want ?


      Thanks in advance!