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    Linking two master calendars?

    Christine Huband


      I have two master calendars, one represents the date of events, the other the date of issues. I want to have a sheet displaying all the events (at a particular venue) and all the problems there over one set of dates…without having to select two sets of dates.


      How can I link the dates?


      I can get something almost useful working using:

      =if(IssueDate>(date(Min(Day)&'/'&Min(Month)&'/'&Min(Year),'DD/MM/YYYY')+1) and  


      But it doesn’t quite work. Selecting July and 2017 should total the three in July but doesn’t. September works but I suspect only because the Issues were of the same dates as entries in the Events table? 

      Also, this method won’t seem to give me just a list of the issues arising during the period of the events like I’d hoped, but a list of all issues and a figure only in the column (which I can total).


      QVW attached – this is sample data and actual data is much more complicated.


      I think I’m probably going at this in entirely the wrong direction. Any help would be much appreciated.