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    Running two separate NPrinting version in QlikSense multi-node environment

    Vladimir Komarov



      I've been running the NPrinting 17.3 with QlikSense 3.2 for a while and multiple reports were developed/delivered with this configuration. Few weeks ago I've upgraded NP to Sept 2017 release and have discovered that this version screwed most of my existing reports (page layouts, page breaks, image resizing, etc were broken)... Qlik confirmed that as a bug (!!?? - did they test it before releasing??), but no solution but downgrade to original 17.3 release was provided....


      So I am running two versions on two separate Qlik Nodes (both of them have QS 3.2 + NP installed, so I do have two separate QS Central Nodes). One is QS 3.2 + NP 17.3, another QS 3.2 + NP Sept 2017 (aka 17.5).


      My main infrastructure is built as Multi-Node system (One Central + 2 Proxy + 2 Scheduler nodes). The QS Sept 2017 is installed on this environment. 


      Will I be able to re-arrange my existing NP nodes (converting them to Rim nodes with QS Sept 2017 installation), but keeping two separate NPrinting versions running?


      Here is the desired configuration:

      Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.19.30 AM.png

      Any comments, suggestions, recommendations about handling my situation?