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    Are disabled expressions calculated?

    Anita Berg




      One client has a have a large straight table with around 500 000 rows and 51 columns.


      It performs slow for both scrolling and when user clears all filters then that takes way too long time untill the table is refreshed with new records.


      I have spent a lot of time now trying to test different performance best practice.



      - Reducing the height of a large table improves scrolling performance. I reduced it to 14 rows, it performes better for scrolling.

      - Removing one expression that was using if statement, improved the performance for clearing filter. After this was removed I could clear filters, with a reasonable wait time compared to when the if statement was there.

      - I also found some hidden sheets in the document settings sheet overview

      - No matter what tables in Qlik View does not seem to handle many columns very well, ie scolling performance is relatively slow even when selections are done (only 2500 records shown), just one simple calculation in a data model with optimal numeric keys



      There are some disabled expressions in straight tables that contains more if statements. I want to understand what they can potentially be used for, or if it is just poor clean up.


      Does Qlik View calculate those disabled expressions, even though they are not shown in table?