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    heavy performance

    ibrahibra aljefri

      hi qlikers


      i am execute below set analysis on dashboard expression and it cost delay of performance


      any suggestion for boost the preformance


      //count({$<DownPaymentDate2 = {">=01/01/2013"} , TempDate = {<$(">=01/01/2013")>}>}

      //if(date(Date#(DownPaymentDate2, 'DD/MM/YY'),'MM/YYYY')= date(Date#(TempDate, 'DD/MM/YY'),'MM/YYYY'),DownPaymentDate2))

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          Sunny Talwar

          Can you clearly write your expressions.... problems


          1) Why is the first two lines commented out?


          2) TempDate set analysis is not right... I wonder if this expression is even working?

          TempDate = {<$(">=01/01/2013")>}>}


          3) Why do you need Date and Date# functions in your if statement? Are they not read as dates by QlikView? If they are not, then how why the set analysis work? and If they are, then why do you need Date and Date# functions

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              ibrahibra aljefri

              well , it is working fine but it takes long time to generate ,

              each field in different table and  TempDate is in calendar master

              i used  Date# function because i only want to month and year to get accurate count during the selected month period

              if i assume make count by creation date will not get me correct count because creation could be early month of year and downpayment date happens current month !


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                  Julie Decoene



                  The Date() function will only format the output, but won't remove the day from the number. I would rather use:


                  MonthStart(DownPaymentDate2)= MonthStart(TempDate)

                  However this will probably not solve your performance issue, but that is hard to help without knowing how your model looks like and what you are trying to achieve here.

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                Stefan Wühl

                Besides what Sunny already mentioned, how are your two date fields related to each other in your model?


                Are they located in the same table or in different tables?