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    VBScript string functions in Qlikview?

      I am having a bit of a problem using some common string functions - instr and left, in particular.  I am reading in a variable value, and want to find the location of the dash in the string, and then display the first X number of characters in the string, up to the dash.


      For example:  variable = 334-545

      I want the message box to display 334


      My code is :


      set BandOne = ActiveDocument.Variables("Variable1").getContent
      set BandTwo = ActiveDocument.Variables("Variable2").getContent


      DashLoc = instr(1, BandOne, "-")
      msgbox(left(BandOne, DashLoc))






      The code is stopping on the DashLoc location, saying "type mismatch".  What am I doing wrong?