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    Qliksense clones communicating with each other (Upgrading)

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Folks,


      Currently, our Qlik Sense install is at 3.1SR1 and I'm currently looking to upgrade this to QlikSense June 2017.  Because I've heard of nightmare scenarios concerning the upgrade process (we don't have the original db master password), I can't do a simple upgrade of live.  To do this safely, I've cloned the PROD-VM (to UPGRADE-VM) so I can work on developing an upgrade process without interfering with users and incurring downtime.


      However, I noticed something strange. The first thing I did when UPGRADE-VM was brought online was to disable the reload tasks so that there would be no spooky behavior going on with the dbs.  Somehow, some way, this ALSO DISABLED the tasks on PROD-VM.


      How are these nodes communicating with one another?  Does anyone else have any Migration Safety tips?  I'm thinking of getting a cloud vm, and installing QS June 2017 on it and then migrating my apps one by one.  But would the same issue happen with the nodes talking to each other?


      I'm thinking that somewhere on the server is a text string of "qliksense.prod.comany.com" and that's being used in some of the processes on UPGRADE-VM which is causing my issue.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.