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    GetTableData truncates long text fields!?

    Thomas Karner



      I´m reading data from the table MasterItems with the method GetTableData of the Engine API.

      My request looks like this

      "handle": 1,
      "method": "GetTableData",
      "params": {
      "qOffset": 0,
      "qRows": 1,
      "qSyntheticMode": false,
      "qTableName": "MasterItems"
      "outKey": -1,
      "id": 5


      One field in this table contains 462 characters including some CR/LFs.

      Now I found out that Qlik Engine API only returns me the first 269 characters.

      I could reproduce this issue with other records within the DevHub /EngineAPI Explorer.


      For me it seems to be a bug. Has anyone other experiences?





      PS: Could be reproduced with the app attached.