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    QlikView backup routine

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have a standard procedure for development work that involves saving every outdated app into an archive folder as soon as an updated version is finished.

      Up to now, we used to always just copy the app although actually only the code is of any interest, the data is, as a rule, not necessary – important data is already historized somewhere, so why bother …

      That does not really matter much, the amount of data on the HDD does not slow the server down. Still, it is a massive resource_consumption that could be avoided. After all, it’s possible to empty an app of data.


      I have devised a small code involving a dummy_txt. Unfortunately, that does not quite work when there is a BINARY in the app – well, it does work no matter what, but the BINARY has to be the very first command, so that would be executed before the Backup_code could strike, so that would cause the thing to just take longer. ó I know QlikView can be kind of controlled from the command_line and it is possible to open an app without data not only from the client, but from the command_line, too. => That is my question: Does anyone know how this is to be done and could help me with that?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,