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    Need Help on Security

    pinky P


      I have two sheets that is Sheet1 and Sheet2 in Single Qvw. Everyone should have access to sheet1, shouldn't ask for credentials or login details. I need to give access to Sheet2 only for specific people. Sheet1 should open without asking any credentials by default and when user try to access sheet2, it should have access to some people(May be password).Any thoughts on this?

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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Pinky,


          Section access will always ask for a user/pass or NT authentication to check if the user has access to some section or not.


          If you're using sense, you could create two apps, one wich everyone can access in one stream (Everyone for example) and the other should be in a stream visible only to the needed users.


          If you're in View, the approach would be kind of similar, but by access to a specific folder (in windows groups).


          That would be my suggestion.