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    Filtering tables in an NPrinting Pixel Perfect Report

    Shana Forrester

      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a table in an NPrinting Pixel Perfect report but I need to filter out some of the data using a wildcard.


      - I have tried using 'Evaluate Value' as a filter prior to creating the report but I keep getting the error - Wrong content node response type. I've tried multiple formulas here:

          [User Name]-='*admin*'

          if([User Name]-='*admin*', [User Name])

          I also tried != instead of -=


      - I tried creating a formula to use in the table cell in the actual report:  =only({<[User Name]-={'*admin*'}>} [User Name]) which works but it doesn't eliminate nulls, I just get a line with a '-' instead of the value.


      User 1


      User 3

      User 4



      - I tried using just the field name [User Name] in the table cell and then applying a conditional filter on the cell [User Name] != '*admin*' but it seems to be ignoring the wildcard. I also tried % instead of * but no luck.


      Can anyone direct me on how to apply a wildcard filter to ideally the whole report, but at least this table? I'm using NPrinting June 2017 and Qlik Sense 2017.