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    Help with color in line graph/chart

    Azael Cisneros

      Hi, I just started to use Qlik Sense and I want to personalize the colors in a line graph/chart, according to the value of the expression.

      I want to change the color of the line depending on the value. If the value is lower than zero, I need one color, and if the value is higher than zero, I need another color. I only get the result of the picture, but it is not exactly what I want.


      I have tried two different methods.


      • Color by measure

      • Color by expression. I used this expression: =IF(ExistenciaProducto < 0, RGB(255, 0, 0), RGB(40, 180, 220))


      The table where I get the data has this structure:


      Row NumberDate (MM/DD/YYYY)Movement unitsOn Inventory


      The dates are not always the same, I have one row for each movement, and I can have more than one movement per day.