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    dual function, avg by numeric value, display text string?

    brayden ashdown

      Sorry for multiple questions – I have spent a long time looking for answers to these before posting.  Thanks in advance for you time and patience.


      I have below a section of a larger nested if() statement that I'm using as a measure on a line graph.  What I am trying to do is to use the dual() function assign a text and numeric value to each average.  I would like to plot my graph according to the numeric value, but have the labels show the text string.  Is this possible?


      if(avg([Diff Value])<11.6 and avg([Diff Value])>=11.4,dual('5.11b', 11.4),

        if(avg([Diff Value])<11.8 and avg([Diff Value])>=11.6,dual('5.11c',11.6),

           if(avg([Diff Value])<12 and avg([Diff Value])>=11.8,dual('5.11d',11.8),






      Thanks again,