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    Above function in aggregation

    Matthias Walter

      Hello everybody,


      I have a problem regarding the above funktion. I have a table with a ordered timeseries and two interesting fields, "payout" and "terminated", where payout is a number and terminated is boolean. There is also a benchmark which is a formula just calculating on the timeseries.

      In the end I want to get one value, the average of ("aggregated terminated payout"/"total payout")/"benchmark" per moment with the tag "terminated".

      I got the formula in a table and everythings fine:


      if(terminated={'Ja'} ,

      (RangeSum(above(total aggr(sum({1<terminated= {'Ja'}>}payout),timeseries),0, rowno(total)))




      benchmark )


      my problem is, that I cant get average of this formula in a KPI field, it says that "above funktion is not allowed inside aggregation".

      Has someone an idea how to get this fixed?