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    I would like to know everything about RAM recommendations

    Roberto Medellin


      I've searched and found useful documents regarding virtualization, but I can't tell if they are not outdated and still I'm left with some questions.

      (This post and this post, have relevant info, and I attach the documents from those threads.)


      A) Say you have a physicall server with 32GB of RAM (16GB x 2), if you add one more card of 2GB, would it be better? (2GB more but it isn't balanced).

      B) What about doing that on a virtualized server. You assign 32Gb and then jump it up to 34GB or 35GB... would that help?


      C) Is there a documment about performance tests with different RAM amount? (or a document without test but explanation to help decide)

      D) Do all hardware recommendations apply equally to QlikView 11, QlikView 12 and Qlik Sense?