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    How do you load data from a TSV file?

    Anna Le

      I have tried using both a LOAD statement and creating a folder connection to the local location of my file. However, I keep running into errors. Can anyone help? For workflow reasons, I would like to avoid converting this file into a different file type.

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          Simon Minifie

          Hi Anna,


          The only info I have found around that file type is by using the REST connector to access via a URL:


          How to read Amazon S3 files - approach #1 - Web File




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              Anna Le

              Thanks, Simon. I was afraid the solution would be some work-around like this one. We use data that is protected by specific storage and connectivity requirements so I can't freely upload these files. Will have to decide whether the path of least resistance would be to convert the file type or add another workflow to upload the files as they are.

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              TSV is ...tab separated values? If so specify a tab as field separator.


              Most of us can't read minds so we don't really know which errors you're seeing. If you need help with those errors then it would help if you could post either the error messages or a screenshot of them.

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                  Anna Le

                  Thank you. Yes. I tried the following script:


                  directory c:\filepath;

                  LOAD * from filename.TSV (ansi, txt, delimiter is '\t', embedded labels);


                  But received the following error:

                  This statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode

                  When I create a data connection to the filepath, the TSV file does not appear as an available file. I am stumped.

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                  Anna Le

                  All, I've figured it out. Perhaps might be my lack of programming concepts knowledge. BUT, I did tag this post with 'tsv' so that other newbies won't have to go through the agony of searching for the solution. Below are the steps:


                  How to upload TSV file in Qlik Sense

                  1. In the Data Load Editor, click on 'Create new connection' > Folder > follow the path to the folder where your file is located.
                  2. Give the folder a name in the 'Name' box (in this example, we'll use 'foldername').
                  3. Click 'Create'.
                  4. When the connection is made, you will see that it appears under the Data Connections vertical toolbar in the right side of your screen with the name 'foldername'.
                  5. In the load editor (main shell on the page), use the following script:


                  LOAD * from lib://foldername/filename.TSV (ansi, txt, delimiter is '\t', embedded labels);


                  Obviously, you can modify with this script with any valid arguments or fields. Hope this helps! Thank you to everyone who answered and helped!