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    How to create line chart with summed total line

    dustin carroll



      Two quick questions from a new user here. If anyone is kind enough to help, I would greatly appreciate it if you can use as little QlikSense jargon as  possible, I really get lost trying to use other resources for QlikSense support when the terminology is unfamiliar.


      1)Trying to use Qlik Sense to create some very basic dashboards that mimic what we were doing in excel manually and I need some help. How would I add a third line to this chart that is a sum of Line 1 and Line 2? Data table is quite simple, it has date opened (We are using Year.month for this report's dimension), the type of complaint, and the organization that handled it.


      2017-10-16 11_08_33-Service Complaint Report - Dashboard _ Sheets - Qlik Sense.png


      I am trying to make it look like this:

      2017-10-16 11_09_03-Microsoft Excel - 2017 September Service and Dist Complaint Report.xlsx.png


      2) For odd reasons, I need to flip the colors so the top line is red and bottom line is blue. When I go into colors section of the chart, it seems there is no way to manually change the colors and that I need to use some sort of formula, so I am using a formula that is:

      IF(legacy = 'APPL', Red(), Blue())


      So the Legacy APPL should be the Red line and the other one would be blue. This formula works for my chart, the colors flip, but then my legend disappears and without the legend the chart is not really understandable.


      2017-10-16 11_23_05-Service Complaint Report - Dashboard _ Sheets - Qlik Sense.png


      Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read or reply to this, and please don't feel bad explaining anything to me like I am a 3 year old!