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    NPrinting User Security Roles

    Russell Glenn



      If I change some of the actions within the "Newsstand User" for instance, will this update be live when I hit save to all users with this role or do the reports they have access to need to be republished?



      Thanks in advance.

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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          why don't you just test it??


          It does not require much as it only changes current Role definition, and applies this definition from the moment you set it up.


          example role X


          • i was given a role X and allocated to my user
          • I was able to access NewsStand
          • yesterday admin has changed this role and Role X states that user does not have an access to NewsStand, so from yesterday i cannot access News Stand.
          • If tomorrow admin will decide to resume an access to news stand for Role X, i will get an access again.


          Just test it as it does not change reports, it only changes permisions to see/access things




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            Russell Glenn

            Thanks Lech, I tested it and it works!!