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    Question on how to put the JOIN Statment


      I have a question regarding Qlik Sense on how to put the JOIN Statment.


      I would like to select on the File B only records that contains the File A 

      As you will see I have the same field on both Files (Field: Order).




      File A:

        LOAD "wo_nbr" as "Order",

           "wo_ord_date" as "Date";

        QL SELECT "wo_nbr",


        ROM MFGPROD.PUB."wo_mstr" where "wo_nbr" like 'PS%' and "wo_status" = 'R';


      File B:

      LOAD "wod_nbr" as "Order",

      "wod_qty_req" as "Quantity";

        SQL SELECT "wod_nbr",




        ROM MFGPROD.PUB."wod_det" WHERE "wod_nbr" like 'PS%';




      I will appreciate your help.