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    restrict options in filter pane?

    dustin carroll


      I want to add a filter pane to my page for region. For reasons I won't go into, some of our data doesn't generate the region properly and a small portion of the data has 'Not Identified' or something similar for this field.


      I do not want this to be visible in the filter pane. How do I restrict the filter pane so I only see APAC, EMEA, North America, and South America?




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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Dustin,


          Do something like this on your dimension:


          =if(match(region,'APAC','EMEA','North America','South America'),region,null())


          This way, the other fields wont show in the filter.

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              Fei Xu

              Felip's solution should work but I will create another table with valid regions in the script.

              The reason is that even you have define a title for a filter:



              When users make some selections, the current selection on the top will not show the filter title but the if clause, which is messy:


              I will create a table in the script like this:



              load * Inline [

              region, Region

              APAC, APAC

              EMEA, EMEA

              North America, North America

              South America, South America



              And use the Region as the filter in the front (the current field is region, which has the values you don't want to show).