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    convert case statement in qliksense

    Ajinkya Bhonsle,

      Hi All,


      I have a case statement which I need to convert it to Qlik Script.


                      case  when
          ServiceChartField  = '0000'
                                                                                      when Model             like '%Accessories%'     then 'Accessories'
                                                                                      when Model              like '%Licenses%'           then 'Licenses'
                                                                                      when SubModel      like '%Software%'          then 'Software'
                                                      else 'Service'


      Can you guys help me in writing the script.


      So far I have got this, not sure if its correct:

      if(wildmatch([Model], '*Accessories*' ),'Accessories',

          if(wildmatch([Model], '*Licenses*' ), 'Licenses',

          if(wildmatch([SubModel], '*Software*') ,'Software' ,

          if(wildmatch([SubModel], '*System*') ,'System' ,

          if(wildmatch([SubModel], '*Service*') ,'Service' ,)



        • Re: convert case statement in qliksense
          Jonathan Dienst

          I think this an accurate conversion of the CASE statement:


          If(ServiceChartField = '0000',

            If(Model like '*Accessories*', 'Accessories',

            If(Model like '*Licenses*', 'Licenses',

            If(SubModel like '*Software*', 'Software',




          I prefer Like to WildMatch for a single comparison as it makes for more readable code