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    NPrinting 16.5 On Demand with Chrome not working for some users.

    Stellan Rönnkvist



      We have a couple of users that use a QlikView application that has NPrinting 16.5 On Demand functionality that generates an Excel report on the server. For all but one user everything is working as normal. He receives an error message: "NPrinting service error. Please check if NPrinting service is reachable" when trying to generate the report.


      The funny part is that when a different user log in to the Access Point on the same computer with her credentials everything works just fine.

      Both users:

      - Have named CAL.

      - Have access to the shared folder where the NSQ file exist.

      - Uses the same Chrome explorer.

      - Uses the same computer.


      Anyone out there that might shed some light on this because I'm running out of options.



      Stellan Rönnkvist