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    Qlik Sense on AWS

    Paweł Tokarz



      I'm trying to setup Qlik on AWS. Currently, I'm trying to install Qlik 3.2 with Shared persistence using RDS. I've setup RDS with required postgresql version. I've also created proper user and database in this RDS.


      I was able to connect as this user to this database from my laptop using psql, I was also able to connect it from host itself using pgAdmin.


      I'm not able to proceed with installation as I'm getting error "The database rejected connection, check your username and password". I think it's related with ssl that is enforced on AWS. Previously I've setup DB on same host as central node. Once I've set connection to hostssl only, I was not able to add new nodes to Qlik installation (Engine/proxy). Only after I turned off ssl, I was able to install those new nodes. After that I needed to edit connection and then I was able to turn on ssl. Problem is that I'm not able to use SSL and add new nodes dynamically in the same time. It makes it also impossible to use AWS RDS.


      Have anyone of you met such problem? Is it possible to use AWS RDS and Qlik Sense main database?