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    QlikSense-Telephone Call Concurrency based on Start and End Time

    Craig Davisson

      Good day,

      I am new to Qlik and have been posed with a challenge that I cannot get my head around.


      I have daily call data records that contain call start and end times. The Customer would like to know at any point in time in a day what the maximum number of Calls occurring at the same time is to check for sizing requirements.


      Start Time  -  End Time

      10:00:23     -    10:01:28 Call 1

      10:01:10     -    10:20:51 Call 2

      10:01:12     -    10:23:23 Call 3

      10:24:01     -    10:24:21 Call 4


      Max Call Concurrency = 3


      The files are 24 hour files and based on PBX Customers.


      Has anybody had some experience with this?