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    Issue linking tables

    Pierre Chazel

      Good morning,


      I work with QlikSense Cloud, and I have issues linking two tables.


      My company has 2 brands A and B, with products in a Market splited in 2 Segments X & Y.

      I linked a table Products (with the volume of my company), with a table Market (total volume of the Market per Segment), with the Key [Segment]


      My issue is that Brnd B has product in only one section of the market, segment Y.

      =>Hence, if I calculate market Share [Volume] / [Market], QlikSense only take into account the market Segment Y, and not the sum of the Market X+Y.


      Is there a solution? Given I want as well to be able to calculate the Market Share per segment.


      Thanks a lot, I tried to be as clear and factual as I could.



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Pierre - this was very clear - thanks for that, let me see if one of our resident experts can assist.


          gwassenaar or stalwar1 - do you have any advice for Pierre?


          Thank you.



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          Mike Tarallo


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            Sunny Talwar

            How exactly are you calculating the Sum of Market? May be you need to add TOTAL qualifier to do this?

            What does the TOTAL qualifier do?