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    How to define background color of auto-sum row in Pivot Table?

    Ivan Yang

      Dear QS Experts

      I am new to QS and I have a question about color by expression

      I have 2 sheets (‘Sample’ & ‘Target’) and linked via ‘Region’ column in QS as below



      Then I create a simple pivot table with auto-sum row and set background color with expression. The measurement is Make% ---- Count({<[Met]={'1'}>}[Order Line])/Count([Order Line]



      If Make% meet the target in ‘Target’ sheet then it shows green otherwise green. Color expression as below



      There is no sum target in the target sheet and I am not allowed to change raw data

      But sum target calculation method is as below:

      Q2:  ((HK(0.63)+TH(0.65)+INDO(0.72)+JAPAN(0.63))/4=0.65

      Q3:  ((HK(0.65)+TH(0.67)+INDO(0.75)+JAPAN(0.65))/4=0.68

      All the rows work well except the ‘Auto-Sum’ row. As you can see 61% is lower than above sum Q2 & Q3 target but it still shows green color


      May I know how to adjust my expression to make it right?

      You could check attached raw data and apps for your reference


      Thanks for your advice in advance