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    NPrinting Failing

    Erica Trotter



      So I created an NPrinting report, and it had a level that created 3 slices of the report and it ran fine.

      I exported that app and re imported it and it ran. Then I changed the level so that it would create 50 slices of the report, and it is no longer running. Is the report too big now to run? Each "Slice" is a one page report with 9 objects on it.


      I also have to make the same report with 120 slices as well, any tips on how to make it run without failing?


      Thanks in advance

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          Matus Kelemen

          Hi Erica,

          some additional information would be helpful.

          What version of NP are you using,

          Are you connecting to QV or QS.

          What exactly is "no longer running" - does it fail after some time or not even start?

          + add logs from the task.




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            Ruggero Piccoli

            Could you post a screenshot of the template?

            Please check also the Qlik NPrinting logs and verify if there are some specific errors.



            Best Regards,



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              Erica Trotter

              There was an issue in the template, I got it fixed