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    Need help in Clear input box

    Bharath Vikas Shanagonda

      Hi All,


      I‘m using input box to input the value to change the records in the straight table and everything is working fine as required and I’m using button in order to clear the input box and is working fine as well. But the problem is when ever I click on button to clear the input box value the value in my straight table is changing as N/A. Instead of N/A I would like to see the original value.


      Below example illustrates what I’m getting and what I’m expecting to see after clicking on clear button.


      Example: Below is the Result which I‘m getting after clicking on clear button. Input value is ‘10’


      DescOriginal Value Result before clicking clear button  (Original Value + Input Value)Result after clicking clear button

      Below is the result which I would like to see after clicking clear button to clear input values


      DescOriginal Valueresult before clicking clearResult after clicking clear button


      As you can see after clicking on the clear button it has to go back to it‘s Original value.