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    Request aborted errors in mashup

    Praveena Mundolimoole

      We have mashup which does app.getObject and in the promise method we are calling field select using app.field('field').select([0], false). We see intermittent "request aborted" in the websocket response frames. Websocket request and response snapshot is below.

      Qlik Sense Server Version : September 2017

      Behavior : Intermittent



      var elems = document.getElementsByClassName('qlik-embed');
      var ix = 0;
      for (; ix < elems.length; ++ix) {
      function attach(elem) {
           var appid = elem.dataset.qlikAppid;
           var objid = elem.dataset.qlikObjid;
           if (!app) {
               app = qlik.openApp(appid, config);
           app.getObject(elem, objid).then(function (obj) {
                app.field(obj.layout.qListObject.qDimensionInfo.qGroupFieldDefs[0]).select([defIndex], false);


      Tagging few experts. Any help on this issue would be highly appreciated!

      erik.wetterberg digvijay jvs