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    From slider to graph


      I am usind a Slider object to set the value of a variable y on a range from 1 to 10, with step 1. A table then uses the value of the variable to show on one side the number of items that have some value bigger than y and on the other side the number of those that have a value smaller than y.

      What I wish to do now, is to get rid of the Slider and have graph whose x dimension is layered from 1 to 10 and etween 1 and 2 counts the number of items which have a value between 1 and 2, next between 2 and 3 and so forth.

      I hope this is understandable...

      Can anyone help me with it?

      Thank you very much!

        • From slider to graph
          Deepak Vadithala

          Please can you post QV document with sample data? It will be easy to look into the data...




          Cheers - DV

            • From slider to graph

              I give you a line of code, hoping that it helps. In the Slider I set the variable vRate then I calculate in a chart the number of contacts that have a higer activity rate like this


              count(aggr(if($(ActivityRate)>=vRate,[ID Contact]),[ID Contact]))


              Roughly, what I would like to have is a chart like


              count(aggr(if(vRate<=$(ActivityRate)<vRate+5%,[ID Contact]),[ID Contact]))


              Counting the number of Contacts that have a activity rate between 0 and 5%, then between 5% and 10% and so forth till 100%... I think what I lack is a way to iterate on vRate.

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                  Deepak Vadithala



                  Have you considered using Dollar Sign Expansion with search capabilities? It is difficult for me to demostrate without the QV document. However, below is the example of what I am referring to...




                          TimeStampValue = {'>= $(=($(vMinCurrentTime))-1) <=$(=($(vMaxCurrentTime))) '} ,

                          Q_No ={'Q1'}




                  The above expression Counts the Resp_ID for Q1, then it calculates the values for greater than MinCurrentTime and less than MaxCurrentTime. I had used these variables within the slider.


                  Good luck!


                  Cheers - DV