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    Help with Date Range chart

    martin bisiker

      Hi All,


      I am having some real trouble trying to create a visualisation of my data and am really hoping someone can help. Very new to Qlik so still working my way around. I am puling data straight from a number of SQL databases


      I currently have the following data


      StartDate - This is a variable that comes when an Time Period is selected

      FinishDate - Same as above


      CreatedDate - I have a large number of rows that all have a created date attached them

      AssignedTo - Same as above but the rows have a persons name attached to them


      When the time period is selected i get my records filtered so that only the records that are part of that time period display in a table.


      What i need to do now is put a visualization in place that will show how many items on a particular day have been added for each person between the start and end date


      Really stuck on this one!