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    Most recent date using input date variable

    Josh Martyne



      I have an app that wishes to present comparison data of two dates (present and a selected date in the past). The user can select the date which is then recorded as vInputDate. I now need to work out the logic to display the correct data line.

      A simplified dataset would be:

      Project NameData entry dateData
      Project A01/08/20171234
      Project A01/09/20174123
      Project A01/10/20173412
      Project B01/08/2017ABCD
      Project B01/09/2017BCDA
      Project B01/10/2017CDAB


      So if the user selected 10/09/2017, the (fully working) app should display Project A: 4123 and Project B: BCDA, however with my current code (below) it also shows results for 01/08/2017.


      =if([Data entry date]<=vInputDate,[Data])


      Any advice on how I could execute this would be much appreciated.