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    Or selection

    Jurien Groot



      I was wondering what the best way is to achieve an OR selection.


      I have in my dataset [From Country] and [To Country]. Sometimes users want to select, Where [From Country] = Netherlands or [To Country] = Netherlands.

      I can create a [Lane] = [From Country]& "|" & [To Country]. People can then filter in Lane via *Netherlands*, but there is no easy way to select all the options that appear.

      Or select.PNG

      I have tried another solution where users can select from an inline table "Country" multiple countries.

      if(Wildmatch([Lane], '*'&[Country]&'*'), 'Yes', 'No')

      But if you select the Yes value, I don't get a nice result. One country is working fine via a variable setup:

      if(Wildmatch([Lane], '*'&vCountry&'*'), 'Yes', 'No'), but you can use only one country and the variable needs to be defined & you need to filter via 'Yes'.

      People know a better way to create the OR selection?