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    Problem loading a very big table chart.

    Gabriel Praxedes

      I have one qvw with a huge amount of data, currently 1.5Gb(qvw size), there this chart table with millions of lines, I've made 2 restrictions(using GetPossibleCount()) to reduce the amount of lines to be calculated, there is 3 possible values for each restriction, which divides the amount of line by 6, however when i filter the 2 fields and the chart is supose to calculate, after some time I got the "Connection Lost" message and I'm sent to the tab  i was before, and the selections are undone. Even when I filter a small part of data, the issue remains. It worked fine on Qlikview 11, now on 12, it does not.


      Trying to fix this, i changed the "Object Calculation Time Limit", on QlikView Management Console to a higher value, but the same problem keeps coming up.


      Does anyone have any thoughts?