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    Nprinting connection still inactive fields

    jeremy perrin

      Hi community,


      I'm using Nprinting since 6 months now, and i would like to make a new task report from Nprinting Designer. But the conection Fields to make the dependencies between the Qlikview Apps en the task couldn't be configure...

      I made the connections configuration and it's working because i receive reports from my existing task... But i can't make a new one the connection field from  reports still empty and inactive i can't use it...


      Is there any one person who knows what happens ?


      I put a pictures attache to illustrated   my issue... Maybe  it's a stupide things i do not do ..

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          Ruggero Piccoli

          This is correct. The connection field will be filled automatically based on the objects that you will insert in the template. You don't need to edit the Connection field.


          Open the template editor, add an object, save and close. The connection field will show the connection of the added object.



          Best Regards,



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            jeremy perrin

            Thanks a lot i didn't pay attention to the Right clik from the template editor and Add Object... Thank you vey much