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    Trending of sales

    Rani Bosch

      Hi, I've got a field called TRENDING CODES.


      In this field I've got the following values:


      1. MFGTYPE

      2. PACKSIZE


      each of the above mentioned fields are then linked to anothre table called dimension values.

      so basically it can be broken down as follows:


      1. MFGTYPE:

           a. hand pack

           b. machine pack


      2. PACKSIZE:

           a. 30g

           b. 100g

           c. 450 g


      i would like to create a trending chart where i group the sum of sales per month for MFGTYPE hand pack vs machine pack


      and then another chart where i compare the same as above, but only for the pack sizes.


      how do i do this on the object in my design?????