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    Qlikview Upgrade from 11.2 SR12 to 12.1 SR8 & nPrinting upgrade to 12.0 SR6 Questions

    Jason Campbell

      We’re getting ready to upgrade from Qlikview 11.2 SR12 to 12.1 SR8 (if SR8 is the last release) and nPrinting from 16.0 SR2 to 16.0 SR6 (if SR6 is the last release). We don’t want/need to upgrade to 17.


      I have a few concerns/questions.  Looking for some guidance.


      We’re running three servers (and will apply the upgrade in this order):

           1) Development    (Win Server 2012 R2 Standard)

           2) Production        (Win Server 2012 R2 Standard)

           3) Web                 (Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service Pack 1 to be upgraded to Win Server 2012 R2 Standard)


      Development and Production both run both Qlikview & nPrinting.    We’re working on getting a temporary license to install and run both in parallel on a VM for testing.


      Here are my questions/concerns:

           1) Would it be better to do a fresh install or upgrade/install over QV 11.2 & nPrinting 16.2?  The reason I ask is I’m thinking there might be some settings/configurations cached in the existing version that will be automatically applied if we upgrade the current software.  If we do a fresh install, we could lose them.  Is this a valid concern?

           2) Will the Shared & Meta files be compatible with the upgraded software?  I.e., Nothing will be lost.  Bookmarks are a huge concern.  Is there anything we need to do to ensure compatibility?

           3) Will QMC keep task attributes?  Those who are authorized to view documents, reload triggers, etc…


      Here are a couple of threads I’ve looked at so far.




      Thank you in advance for any/all assistance.