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    Set Analysis

    Mohammad Adnan Ansari

      I have the below function which calculate the number of days till yesterday for the selections made in the filter for Year and month.


      If there are no selections; it gives the number of days till yesterday during this month. For example today is 19th of october then this function will give 18. (the first line).


      Where there is a selection; let say year 2017; it will give the number of days during the year till yesterday. and viceversa. (second line).


      We have upgraded our system from 3.1 to september 2017 (b/c of some bugs to cover). Now the below function is giving '0' for all selections. please help to rectify.



      If(getselectedcount([Year])<1 and getselectedcount([Month Year])<1,

      Count({$<[Date] = {"<=$(=Today()-1)"},[Year]=,[Month Year]=,[MonthID]= {"$(=((Year(Today()) -1)*12) + Num(Month(Today())))"}>} [Date])


      Count({$<[Date] = {"<=$(=Today()-1)"}>} [Date])