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    Calculation help, how to show the total labour cost for incidents and catagories!

    Dayna Litherland

      Hello All,


      I'm sure this will only be a little syntax problem.. I have quite a large expression that calculates how many hours have been logged for an incident or a category (this is a support desk function application). The expression is:







      I also use an inputbox to allow users to enter a labour rate for each employee, this is done by:


      [code]inputsum( DISTINCT SUN_IH_LabourRate)[/code]


      What I need to do now, is work out how much that incident/category (depending on what it's filtered by) costs, this would be done by multiplying the amount of hours that UserA has entered multiplied by their labour rate, add UserB hours multiplied by their labour rate, etc etc..


      Each user will have a distinct labour rate, so I can't assume that they're the same - and they might change on a regular basis (hence the inputsum).


      Unfortunately, the user won't be a dimension used in the table - and I have no idea how to achieve my results! My figure is completely off the mark as it looks to be summing everyone's labour rate then mutliplying it by the hours.


      If anyone could help me, it would be really appreciated!!


      Please find my document attached.


      Kind Regards,