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    NPrinting PDF format issue

    Stephen Tyrer

      I have a minor but irritating issue with publishing an excel pivot table as a PDF through NPrinting.


      I have a spec'd report which my end user needs in a specific PDF format which I have created by importing a table into NPrinting excel editor and generating an excel pivot table from this.   It's a bit of a pain to setup but works really well until I publish it through NPrinting as a PDF.


      The minor issue is on borders - when the report is publish as an xlsx report there are no borders on the 'type' level as below (once you leave protected mode in excel).



      When it is published as a PDF however I get borders on all lines



      Interestingly when the report is published as an xlsx there are lines at all levels until you accept editing and leave protected mode in excel.  This would suggest that NPrinting is generating the PDF from the excel designer whilst it is in protected mode - is there a way around this to get the right format.


      This may seem really minor but my end user is likely to reject the report just because of this.


      For reference I am using NPrinting 17.3 and QLikview 12.10 SR5